beer can pursuit (race?)

*Announcing the Tuesday Evening “Beer Can” Race*

The origin of the “beer can” race is an informal mid week sail with a
minimum of testosterone and a mild blend of adrenaline. The tradition was
that you could follow the boat in front by the beer cans in the water. Of
course we no longer deep six beer cans but the nomenclature endures.
Our sail begins with an unregulated start at 1530 outside the entrance to
Landings Harbor. We will then sail down the river to Green 19
(approximately 2.4nm) returning to Landings harbor at 1700. Chili and beer
will be served on the porch immediately following.

The wrinkle is this: When the first boat turns the mark, ALL boats turn
and head for home. The purpose here is to have everyone finish about the
same time to partake of the above. OR you can turn around when you wish to
get to the beer and supper first.

The “race” is open to ALL sailboats and guests are invited and
ENCOURAGED. The purpose is to introduce anyone regardless of skill to the
fun of sailing. You do not have to be a member of anything to participate.
You can learn as much or as little as you like.

If you are one of the many who say they would like to sail, but do not
want to race….this is perfect for you because the only race is for the

Our opening event will take place on April 14 to be followed on April 28.

You may sign up at the Marina Office 598 1901 or with Mike Rouzee 598 9596

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