The fifth race of the series is coming up this Saturday, June 6th

Hello Race Fans —

The fifth race of the series is coming up this Saturday, June 6th.  All captains, please email me by 12:00 pm on Thursday (June 4th) to let us know if you’re racing on Saturday.  Remember you need to let me know if you want to sail in Class “A” (Spinnaker) or Class “B” (Non-Spinnaker/ Cruising).  We will start the race at 2:00 pm close to Government Marker 25 on the Wilmington River.  Lady In Red (J/22) will be the race committee for this race.  If you have any questions, email me at or call my cell at 912-308-1319.  As explained below under the Race Rules section, this fifth race will be under PHRF format.

Race Rules

The series will consist of 10 races.  7 PHRF Races and 3 Pursuit Races

To qualify for the PHRF Races, each competing sailboat must compete in at least 5 races which will qualify them to throw out 2 races.  A race shall consists of a minimum of 3 sailboats.  PHRF ratings will be used for time on time.  The national average per USAA High Low website will be the starting basis for these numbers.

For PHRF Races, the starting sequence shall consist of 3 short blasts on a horn at 6 minutes before start time (2:00 pm), a 5 minute start sequence with 1 horn blast, a 4 minute 1 horn blast, a 1 minute 1 horn blast, and for the start a single starting horn blast.

Honor all government marks not labeled as course marks and obey all Sailing Federation Rules of Racing.  If any boat uses its engine to clear a grounding situation it must complete one penalty turn once under sail again.  All boats must carry a VHF radio and a stopwatch.  All boats must turn in their own ELAPSED time from their own stopwatch.  We do not have the ability to record finish times for each boat.  If you are unable to give us an elapsed time at the end of the race (from your own vessel’s stopwatch) that you know to be accurate; YOU WILL NOT BE SCORED FOR THAT RACE.  Please text your elapsed finish times to 912-308-1319 immediately after completing your race.

Races will be cancelled at the discretion of the race committee prior to the start due to varied weather conditions (ex. winds greater than 25 knots sustained, steady rain one half hour before race time, tornado watch, etc…).

Separately, we will also be running 3 Pursuit Races for this upcoming series.  There are no throw outs in the Pursuit Race format.  Dates for the Pursuit Races are highlighted in the below calendar.  Rules to follow along prior to those selected race days.  Hopefully these staggered starts will promote more sailboats on the water and friendly competition.  In this format there will be no need to keep an elapsed time.  All finishes will be recorded in the order each boat crosses the finish line.

There will be a 2-hour time limit on short races and 3-hour time limit for longer races, for the 1st boat to cross the finish line.  All other boats must finish within an hour of that time to qualify for the race.  If by chance you violate a basic rule of racing, please take your penalty turns and get back in the race.  Please remember these races are supposed to be fun for all!  Please save any cut-throat tactics for sanctioned regattas.

2015 CSC Spring/ Summer Fun Series Calendar

Race 1 – Saturday, April 4th – PHRF Race – COMPLETED

Race 2 – Saturday, April 11th – PHRF Race – COMPLETED

Race 3 – Saturday, May 9th – Pursuit Race – DID NOT FINISH

Race 4 – Saturday, May 16th – PHRF Race – COMPLETED

Race 5 – Saturday, June 6th – PHRF Race – UPCOMING

Race 6 – Saturday, June 20th – Pursuit Race

Race 7 – Saturday, July 18th – PHRF Race

Race 8 – Saturday, July 25th – PHRF Race

Race 9 – Saturday, August 8th – Pursuit Race

Race 10 – Saturday, August 15th – PHRF Race


Amar/ CSC Race Chair

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